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Our Company, mean your company is focused to develop Concrete & Steel Structures.

What we can do ?

Steel Structures & Concrete Structures. This is  Buildings, Floors, Silos, Preys, Walls of contention, Foundations, Houses, Industrial Ships, Commercial plazas. Our limits are you imagination.

What we can offer?

Continuous Support  for your project and construction.

 What we want?

 Our Objective numbers one is to serve it, and work. we are ready to present you a project, with the parameters of quality, economy and speed. All our works are guaranteed, there being they carried out all succesful.

 Our experience of years endorses us and certifies.

Remember: we are part of your team.
* Service in whole Mexico.

Contact us :

Personal Attention of :       Mr.    Antonio C Trewick- CEO

           Estructuras Civiles SA of CV
           La Rioja 2979, Providencia
           Guadalajara, Jal.44620, Mexico.


            Tel (33) 36425110
            Tel (33) 36412350
            Tel (33) 36415684